Website Malware Removal Prevention Tips

Over the last four years of working with individuals and small businesses, the same questions pop up every single day about website malware and other forms of malicious code that is of concern to owners of sites. Having been a key player and business owner and working in the field, I have cleaned sites that have been ruined by hackers and unsavory individuals with success. In this article, I intend to give you information on how you may make your website secure. These steps are easy and a DIY plan of attack that can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Also, when you add the cost of lost revenue from a broken site, it just adds to the losses.

Go to your WordPress site and log in then go to dashboard-WP Admin. This is a where you can secure your website. First see if you have the latest version of WordPress, if not please update. This is an easy way to secure your site. Now go a little further and take a look at your WordPress themes. These themes are created by companies to make WordPress easy to use and function as the designer intended. But they have drawbacks; it is easy to attack a site thru the themes, somewhat of a portal for hackers. We can update the themes by going to appearance and themes and click update. Well, one more step to complete the security patches is to take a look at your WordPress plugins in the admin area. Simple as pie, just look over the list of plugins and click update.

Hope this article is helpful and will prevent malicious malware attacks. Please do not forget to change your WordPress Admin password to something unique and long. If you think you may have malware on your site, do not hesitate to seek professional advice at

Malware and WordPress Nightmare 101

malware3As a business owner it was explained to me that the domain that my website sits on is real estate. What you put on the real estate or property can make you money or can sit idle and cost you money. That seems like a simple explanation for everything a person needs to know about website and development?

I ended up investing over 40K dollars in my WordPress e-commerce site and was ready for the big leagues with thoughts kicking my competition out the way so my enterprise can dominate the market. Everything went as planned until I learned about malware the hard way-I was Attacked! Yes, my WordPress site hacked, before I was aware of the damage.

Malware comes in various forms, basically it is a type of software application that has been designed to work on a specific platform with malicious intent. It can come wearing many masks-devious tricks are used entice a person to download a program or to go to a certain site. It just takes a second and you can be out of business. Yes the e-commerce site that you thought was perfect, is not functional, therefore your enterprise is crippled and broken. We can always look for all the articles concerning the topic of WordPress malware removal tips, but isn’t it too late.

We all have heard the terms spyware and adware, which we all consider dangerous. These software programs have the ability to track our website browsing habits and load cookies and tracking software into the site. This type of malicious software is serious, it can infect your computer with all sorts of spy bugs that is reminiscent of a communist regime during the times of the Soviet Union. Seriously, this is no joke, malware can lead to attracting keyloggers, worms, and just about any of the ten thousand plus other viruses.

Does this SCARE YOU? Well it should, because this is called Malware. There is one thing you can do to fix this problem and protect your WordPress site from these type of malicious programs. Call a professional, like